UI and UX hand drawn workflows


I am a multidisciplinary design technologist, passionate about creating simple and purposeful digital experiences, with local and international exposure across various industries.

Website Development

Specialising in various front-end web technologies and frameworks, I bring an agile approach to projects, and collaborate directly with development teams.

Digital Prototypes

For projects that need ideas and requirements converted into something tangible to explore further, I produce interactive prototypes using Adobe XD or Figma.


As a certified BigCommerce agency partner and WooCommerce expert, I deliver exceptional bespoke eCommerce solutions for all industry types and sizes.

Graphic Design

My graphic design background provides me with a broad range of transferable skills for digital and print design, branding, packaging and signage.

User Experience

I adopt the design thinking methodology to provide a solution-based approach to problem solving, with the user at the centre of the experience.

Project Management

With over 15 years’ corporate and freelance experience across various industries, I am confident managing projects from the discovery phase to execution.

Current Projects


Stephan Christodoulou

Stephan Christodoulou

Design Technologist

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